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Anthem One Cube

Hand Held UV-C Disinfecting Tool

Anthem One technology is the leader in portable UV-C Disinfection. 

Our unit is the most powerful  and durable  unit on the market today.

Anthem One (Mark I and Mark II) were invented by Justin Eugene Evans

The Anthem One Cube 


UV-C disinfecting technology can eliminate up to 99.999%  of all viruses, bacteria, and fungus in seconds. 

Non Profit Organizations

The Cube qualifies for ESSER funds and FEMA grant opportunities.

Reach out to the GDW Fulfillment team at 313-288-8747 for assistance with navigating through  the process.


The Cube is easy to use.

It fits comfortably in your hands and weighs only 4 pounds.

Comes with a 30 foot cord and a carrying case.

Clinical Studies

We know the Cube is the best disinfecting tool on the market.

 Don't just take our word for it

check out the  clinical studies that prove it.


The UV-C cube disinfects hard to reach spaces and surfaces.

Will not damage equipment, leather seats, or electronics.

Ideal for schools and buses, medical and fitness centers.

Custom Quotes & Financing Available

Anthem One offers financing.

Contact the GDW Fulfillment team for details - 313-288-8747.

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